Ramblings of a Mental Patient

Whispers of the past still linger

Echos of pain and regret

Loneliness is all that remains

A tainted mind that never stops

Days go by with uncertainty

Nightmares have taken over my only solitude

The loss of all that was haunts my every breath

The anticipation of hope of a new life is still beneath the surface

So I just wait

For a glimpse of stability in this tragic existence



Your words disguise what you’re feeling now
But I’ve seen that look in your eyes before
Though you don’t want to admit it to me
I feel the disappointment I have caused you

If I drown
Please know it’s not your fault
There was no way you could save me from myself
If I drown
Please know it wasn’t you
I was the one who walked away from your help

I know it’s been years of empty promises
I wanted to follow through I wanted to be more
Though you don’t want to admit it to me
You can’t look at me in the same light anymore


By: Imperative Reaction

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Lay me down

Shoot me up

Tell me everything will be okay

Tell me everything will get better

Electrify my brain make me forget the cruel past

seize my soul

make me numb

anything to make this pain go away

I awake to a new day

another treatment past

another day taken out to the car in a wheel chair

just another normal day

trying to find salvation

trying to find peace

where God failed me

and so it goes on

until  the .next treatment

The Dread of Morning

The dread of morning comes

stiffness and pain take over

anxiety envelops my core

I take my dose, hoping for a miracle that never comes

I sit and stare as time goes by

I’m late to work again

Why even go in at all

I’ve given up

I’m tired of trying

So now this is another day

shrouded by failure