I Hate My Uterus

So it’s been a rough 2 days. I don’t know what is going on my uterus but I think I need to see a doctor.  I noticed that in the last year that my periods have gotten heavier and I thought it would just pass but it just seems to be getting worse to a point that its hard to function the first two days of bleeding.

Today at work, I was going through a large pad almost every half hour. I would pass a huge clot and then blood would just gush out like I peed my pants several times throughout the day. I’ve been dizzy all day and I look pale as shit and I kept getting hot flashes, but I stayed the whole day. Its not like I can go to boss and say “I need to go home because I’m bleeding too much from my period”.

So I tried finding a doctor and I swear its impossible in this state and I can’t go to an OBGYN without seeing a GP first. I’m just so frustrated with healthcare here.

I just want to know what’s going on. I looked up my symptoms and it could be anything from fibroids to Premenopause.

Anyways I hope tomorrow is better.


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