Hoping for Revelation

It’s interesting how life can suddenly change.  I think about the past and all that could have been.  I’m scared what my future might hold.  I have had so many struggles in my life so far, I don’t know if I can bare anymore pain.  I find myself wondering if it all was meant to happen this way.  I wonder if everything had a purpose to mold me some how to become a stronger person.  I keep hoping for some kind of revelation to the purpose of my misfortune.


2 thoughts on “Hoping for Revelation

  1. Your post reminded me of this song by We Are Messengers “How can I forgive when I can’t forgive myself
    How can I move on when all I have is regrets
    How can I fix you when I keep turning away
    How can I make it past the noise with my shame
    I need a miracle
    Some healing for my heart
    I need a revelation
    A brand new start
    I want simplicity
    Where I can rest
    But I need a miracle to put my past to death
    I know You want my heart
    My bruises and my scars
    I’m coming as I am
    The only way I can
    I can’t forget from where I’ve come
    And what my heart’s been rescued from
    Yeah when they ask me who
    I owe my whole life to
    I point to You
    I point to You
    I want so badly just to finally get well
    But I don’t want a quick fix and emotional self
    I will be honest with my humanity
    No I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be”

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