Day 8

Well its day 8 of being on the thyroid medication and I still feel pretty good.  I stayed at my parents last night. I needed a night to get away from everything. I had a great sleep and I feel good.  I went and saw my doctor yesterday and hes going to keep me on this dose for now and I see him again in 2 weeks.  Im still stressed about going back to work and dealing with all that. I’m actually really scared.  I’m going to start looking for another job.  I just need to put a resume together.  I know I have been there 12 years but I hate it. I really do. 


Day 7

Well its day 7 of being on the thyroid medication for my depression.  I feel a lot better.  I see my doctor today.  The only side effects I have noticed is dry eyes.  I have more energy and I’m able to function. I’m just not back at work yet.  I’ll be going back on Monday.  I’m really surprised, I really didn’t think this medication was going to help.  Its the simple things that make huge difference like being able to take a shower and go out see family and opening the windows to let fresh air in.  This medication is helping me do these things.

Finding a Diagnosis

Well it’s 3:00 am and I can’t sleep.  My hip is hurting and I am having body stiffness.  I am so tired of not knowing exactly whats wrong with me.  My rheumatologist diagnosed me with Ankylosing spondylitis but even shes not sure that’s what it is. I need doctor House to  diagnose me.  These are all my symptoms: joint pain, depression, stiffness, anemia, sleep apnea, fatigue.  I just want to know whats wrong with me.  The only thing wrong that comes up on my blood work is that my ESR level is high, which is an indicator of inflammation and an autoimmune disease.  I’m taking Humira right now and its not helping with the joint pain.  It helps with the stiffness but that’s about it.  I don’t know if they are going to keep me on it.

Why I am worrying about this stuff at 3:00 in the morning, I don’t know.   I should be focusing on my depression.  That is a immediate problem right now.  Which it is getting better. The thyroid medication is really helping.  I should be able to make it back to work on Monday.

I Drew Today

Well I’m spending time at my parents. Just to be away from home. Because home just reminds me of all the responsibilities that lay before me.  I went to the doctor today. I looked like a total idiot.  My toe has been swollen and hurting for a week. I thought it might be infected. Turned out there was nothing wrong. Just inflammation. 

On a good note, I drew a picture today. I havent been able to draw in months. Its not much but its something.

2:00 am

Well it’s 2:00  am and I can’t sleep.  Easter went okay, didn’t really do anything except for chores.  I hope my son had a good Easter. I feel a little anxiety.  I keep thinking about work and the fact that I’m not there.  I’m worried about going back.  I don’t want to answer as to why I was gone.  Which I know I don’t have to but it’s still hard.  I am still thinking about going back early because this medication is working so well.  I may try back on Wednesday.

I need to go to the doctor this week because there is something wrong with my big toe.  Its really inflamed, it hurts and it burns.  I’m not sure whats wrong with it.  Its kinda funny that I’m going to doctor just over a toe.



Easter Sunday

Well its day 4 of being on the thyroid medication for my depression.  I still feel pretty energized.  It’s Easter Sunday.  I’m a little down because I don’t have my son today but I know he is having fun, so that is what is important.  I could of had him today but I’m still recovering.

I feel better

Well I’m on day 3 of the thyroid medication for my depression.  I feel so much better, its unbelievable.  I feel like I have more energy and I feel like I have more motivation.  Its weird, its almost like I drank an energy drink or something.  I just hope once it takes full effect it doesn’t make me feel too wired or jittery. I almost feel like I could go back to work earlier.  I guess we will see how things work out.

Levothyroxine Improves Depression By Modulating Limbic Function

NEW YORK – In bipolar disorder, levothyroxine improves depressive symptoms by modulating the function of the anterior limbic network, according to a PET study.

“Thyroid hormone does have a significant impact on brain activity in those brain areas that are considered to play a major role in the pathophysiology of depression,” Dr. Michael Bauer, from University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus and Technische Universität Dresden in Germany, told Reuters Health by email.

Supraphysiologic doses of levothyroxine have shown promise for treating bipolar depression, but the mechanisms underlying the clinical improvement are unknown.

Encouraged by an earlier pilot study, Dr. Bauer’s team assessed cerebral glucose metabolism with PET and 18-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) before and after six weeks of levothyroxine treatment in a placebo-controlled trial of 25 euthyroid patients. The patients had bipolar depression and had failed a course of treatment with a mood stabilizer and/or antidepressant.

Treatment with levothyroxine brought significant improvements in depression, compared with placebo treatment, they reported online January 20 in Molecular Psychiatry.

In the levothyroxine group, relative activity in the left thalamus, left dorsal striatum, and midline subgenual cingulate decreased as depressive symptoms improved. In contrast, there were no correlations between depressive symptoms and activity change in the placebo group.

Previous studies have shown abnormally high glucose metabolism in the thalamus and ventral striatum of depressed bipolar patients, which normalized after effective treatment with levothyroxine.

Dr. Bauer recommended, “If patients have normal thyroid levels (euthyroid), start with 100 mcg/d; after seven days increase to 200 mcg; and after another seven days titrate up to 300 mcg/d. Important: wait and see effects for at least five weeks (levothyroxine has a long half life, it needs some time to work).”

Levothyroxine is not approved for the treatment of depression, however.

And Dr. Bauer warns that the treatment is not for everyone. He emphasized the importance of “careful selection of patients with bipolar depression: use it in refractory patients only; carefully exclude those with a current or history of heart disease.”


Molecular Psychiatry 2015.

Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep.  I’m having some insomnia.  I was able to sleep for a couple hours but then I woke and now I can’t go back to sleep.  I keep thinking about work.  I keep thinking they are going to find a way to fire me.  I’ worried they wont be understanding about my absences.  I know I always worry about this and it always turns out okay but I still worry.  I’m sure they are tired of my attendance problem.   I have a doctors note and FMLA to back me up but I’m still scared.  I really hope this new thyroid medication helps me and gets me back to work.  I really don’t want to get fired and I really need the money.  I don’t know what  would do if I lost my job.  I would be so scared.  I have been with the same job for 12 years. Hopefully the fact that I have been there so long will be my saving grace.

Slight Change this Morning

I feel a slight change this morning.  I think my thyroid medication might be kicking in a little bit.  I feel like I have a little bit more energy than normal, almost like I drank an energy drink or something.  This could be good or this could go bad.  I want to have more energy for sure but once it takes it full effect, I hope I’m not super wired.

Today I’m going to spend time with my family again. Get out of the apartment as much as I can.  I tend to do better at my parents than I do at home when I’m super depressed.  I think ill bring my art supplies and try and draw…its a long shot but ill try.